William A. and Nancy Reynolds - August/September 2004 - Business Economics

William A. and Nancy Reynolds


William A. Reynolds Nancy Reynolds

A Williamsburg (VA) law firm, Kaufman and Canoles, recently notified an alumnus of the deaths
of William A. Reynolds (25 August 2004) and of his wife Nancy Reynolds (three weeks later, of pneumonia).  

They were both 87 years old.

Professor Reynolds was first appointed to the Windham College faculty in
the fall of 1967, in Economics.    Advancing through the academic ranks, he was granted
tenure and subsequently earned the rank of Professor. He remained at Windham
until its closing in December 1978.

Previously, he had worked in the carpet industry for more than 30 years.

He graduated from the College of William and Mary with an A.B. degree.
He pursued his graduate school training at New York University (M.A.)
and Columbia University (Ph.D.)

Mrs. Reynolds was Assistant to Registrar Lucy Smith for a while during the 1970's.

In accordance with the wishes of the Reynolds, there were no published obituaries.

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