In Memoriam - OBITUARIES

This section of the website is under construction.

It is dedicated to the memories of deceased Windham College students, faculty and staff.   Alumni are encouraged to
keep the section up-to-date.

Note that appropriate material (e.g., obituaries, announcements, photographs) can be sent to:
or by snail mail to:

Box 392
Northfield, VT 05663
Fax:    802-485-2252.

Elizabeth Sak Barrett, '62
(14 February 2001)
Stewart J. Becker, '70
(16 January 1998)
James C. Bonner '70
(2 April 1998)
Oliver H. Bricker III, '69
(1 May 1995)
Louis Joseph Cassella, '71
(16 April 2001)
Kristin (Keefe) Veitch Coates, '75
(17 December 2008)
Louise Coleman, '76 Barbara L. (Bradford) Cutler, '66
Cynthia L. Dorsett, '75
(September 1979)
Linnea Ekberg, 66
(25 July 2004)
James Finn, '74 Louis Franklin
Jack Fredericks
(18 March 2010)
Timothy A. Garland, '70
(13 August 2002)
Eric S. Gebelein, '69
(3 February 2002)
Lewis M. Gersman, '67
Wayne R. Gillingham, '74
(2 October 2010)
  Beatrice Goldfrank Frederick R. Grinnell, '68
(8 May 2004)
Edie Hasselman, '68 Otto D. Hemphill, '71
(26 May 1998)
Forest (Perry) Hennessey, '69 Robert C. Hodgkins, '67
(11 July 2005)
  William N. Hosier, '69 Robert Hughes Georgene Hynes, '71
George James LeRoy Johnson, '75 Anthi Karagianis Jones, 69
(6 February 2004)
Peter Keil, '76
Kathryn King, '67
(5 March 1994)
William G. Koster, '69
(8 May 2011)
Robin I. Kroogman, '71 James E. Machleid, '69
(26 June 2012)
Peter E. Matheson, '69
(January 1996)
Frederick A. Mayo, '70
(16 August 1999)
William Murdoch, '75
(5 August 2010)
Leo Nauceder, '66
(23 January 1991)
Richard B. Nopper
(9 June 2004)
William Northey, '72
(7 September 1997)
Carl A. Olin, '67 Cynthia (Hawkins) Petti, '65
(7 August 2006)
Maria Scott Thomas Singer, '77 Bruce Snowden
(9 November 2009)
Michael J. Spencer, '65
Constance St. John Anne (Finger) Taylor, '71
(January 2009)
Brian "Frenchy" Taylor, '69 Robert J. Tipple, '62
(7 May 2006)
Robert B. Werthmann, '72
(30 December 2008)
George Yakowicz Gregory Yurkovic, '72  

Alexander Arkin
Daryl B. Baskin
Political Science
Mrs. A. O. (Theresa) Brungardt - Trustee Muriel Bernstein
Eleanor M. Carey
Friend of the College
Thomas P. Clarke
Marge Cleverly
Secretary to President Stones
Dorothy A. Cole
Dean of Women
Mary Cote
Business Office
Director of Student Housing
Doris A. DeCarolis
Elaine Dixon
Friend of the College
Ronald Emma
Robert E. Faulkender
Economics and Sociology
Carl F. Fitz
Food Service Manager
Bea Fletcher
Secretary to Dean of Students
Peter Forakis
Fine Arts Professor
William "Bill" Graham
County Sheriff/Head Security
Evelyn D. Greene
Secretary to President Winslow
Donald Harington
Art History and English Professor
Walter Hendricks
President (1951-1963)
Molly Hicks
Friend of the College
Eric L. Hoecker
English; Dean of Students
Joseph Iadone
Early Music Workshops
Benjamin Kotkov
William "Bill" Langle
Maintenance Supervisor
Terri Lowe
Secretary to the Dean of Students
Nita Lowery
Secretary to President Symmes
Fred H. Miller
Sociology; Dean of Students
Donald Everett Precourt Gennaro (Jerry) Prozzo
Nancy Reynolds
Assistant Registrar
William A. Reynolds
Economics and Business
Frances F. Rohr
Art; Housemother
Lucy E. Smith
Harrison M. Symmes
President (1974-76)
Roy Vogt
Walter T. White
Alfred K. Wright

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