Submitted 26 June 2006, at 20:25:24

Melanie Neichin
Years:  69-70

Hello everyone-after a successful career in modeling and acting--I joined the legal work force--now i am happily semi-retired.

I hope all my friends are well and enjoying themselves.  I still cannot ski but I certainly can ice skate.

I was touched by the three stories of fellow Windhamites who were on-site on 9/11.

Best Wishes--I'm still a hippy at heart.


Submitted 23 June 2006, at 15:58:04

Joe Wolf
Years:  68-72

Life is good!


Submitted 13 June 2006, at 09:01:48

Ted Hewitt
Years:  70-74

my web site address is

I just found out obout this site. Thanks for doing it.


Submitted 7 June 2006, at 19:21:21

Dan Miller
Years:  73-75



Submitted 15 May 2006, at 08:40:1

Rudiger Nitzschmann
Years: 60-62



Submitted 7 April 14 2006, at 18:14:46

Jann Scott
Years:  65-68


I'm Jann Scott. Now live in Boulder Colorado. not much different from Putney. Forest fires, white water, mountains, drugs, hippies.

I host a series of TV Shows. Route 66, the Great American Road Trip and others. Can be seen at or

I wrote for the Lions Roar while I was there....and logged one of the few and very rare interviews with JD Sallinger at his home in Cornish New Hampshire. Does any body have a copy of that. I know some people from the Village Voice and New Yorker were interested years ago.......but it is a mile stone for Windham and the Lions Roar....I wrote another piece about Bobby Kennedy at the Putney Inn a few months before he was assasinated.

After Windham I got married, ran an art magazine Country Senses, got divorced( duh), moved to London and worked on IT and Oz magazine, moved to Boulder and never left.

Now where are all of my friends. ???

It is interesting.....even though I was a complete mess while at Windham.........I retained and used much of what I learned. I studied philosohy and English and actually put it all to good use in my career in journalism and as a talk show host.


Submitted 11 April 2006, at 15:24:05

Alice L. Ulm
Years:  66-67

This is so nice.  I don't know what to say.

If I could go back for one spring afternoon... I remember the first time I went to Putney.

My parents were never going to take me up to see the school, so I took the train. The train dropped me off on the tracks, along with a couple of other passengers, and the conductor directed me up the road where I would find the college.

It was winter and sunny and beautiful. I went to Windham because:
1.It accepted me, and
2. I had tried to leave for college already but my father wouldn't let me out of the house and my mother promised me that (if I went to my room so that the fighting would stop) I would go to the next college that accepted me.

So there I was to see what the next college looked like.

It looked OK to me and so I reported home and packed my bags again.

Have to go now.  (I have to get back to work for my employer)

Hello to you all.



Submitted 8 March 2006, at 04:40:44

Robert M. Kern
Years: 70-73

See my website at:

Comments are always welcome.


Submitted 26 February 2006 at 11:40:53

Bruce Scotto
Years: 71-73

Eighteen year veteran of the telecom wars. A real sexy business, I sold minutes on a switch. Last position, Director of Sales, Time Warner Telecom (TWTC). Last three years spent as an independent title closer.

I finally found what I want to do when I grow up. Now I just have to grow up.


Submitted 18 February 2006, at 21:13:42

Vito D. Gadaleta
Years: 71-75

It's been five years since my last entry.

I am still living in New Jersey but moved from the shore to the highlands.

I retired in 2004 and am consulting for municipal governments and writing grants.    Still involved as a volunteer EMT.

I now have time for my outdoor passions; hunting, fishing and camping.

Sure would like to hear from some of the Chumley crowd.


Submitted 14 February 2006, at 11:51:57

Marty Ephraim
Years: 65-66

Retired in 1997 from 25 years as President of Ephraim Labs, a manufacturer of computer based instrumentation for the Graphic Arts industry.

Have two children, Josh 24 and Rachel 21 and a great wife, Joann. I'm currently living in Peterborough NH, one hour from Putney.

Still go back to have Curtis's Ribs, see the school, and buy a basket or two.

Currently spend time playing three cushion billiards, guitar and woodworking.

Would love to hear from you.


Submitted 8 February 2006, at 11:39:58

Thomas Polidori
Years:  67-70

Currently President of Connector Products Inc.

I'm living in New Jersey where I have been for the last 20 years. Married with one son and a grandson.

I try to get back to Vermont to ski as often as possible.


Submitted 6 February 2006, at 14:22:08

Richard Manca
Years: 67-71

Have worked for Xerox Corporation for 33 years in position as a research chemist, process control manager, business operations manager and process expert.

Recently received my certification as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, which means I teach the methodology, coach people internationally, and manage strategic projects that improve the business.

I received my Master of Science in Manufacturing and Engineering Management from Clarkson University in 1991.

I am married and have two daughters.

And boy do I miss Windham. Every trip to Vermont I stop to see the campus and remember.


Submitted 19 January 2006, at 18:27:34

Fran (Liebowitz) Lindblom
Years:  67-71

Taught English, was a paralegal, and for the last ten years have been a travel agent.

Married to a wonderful man and living in Cave Creek, AZ (about 30 miles north of Phoenix/Scottsdale).

When I read the posts on this website, I forget I will be pushing 60 in a few years!


Submitted 14 January 2006, at 04:07:47

John West
Years:  73-76

the best years of my life


Submitted 6 January 2006 , at 19:50:43

Richard L. Murphy
Years: 60-64

Married to Wendy Horst 1991. Live in Greenwich, CT.

Consultant to Management, specializing in Strategy Deployment, leadership, management development, process Improvement, TQM, Change management and Accountability. Sold company, Organizational Dyna mics, Inc. in 1996.

Have son and daughter from first marriage, Scott and leigh. Scott is married to Marci Klein (Calvin's daughter) and has a son Nicholas, and lives in NYC and the Hamptons. Daughter Leigh lives in Denver, CO and teaches ESL.

Active in the community, serving on three Boards and enjoying travel, tennis and art.


Submitted 15 December 2005, at 18:27:04

Michael Cleverly
Years: 66-70


By Matthew Thornton -- 12/5/2005

   Current Issue » Article

Mapping Retirement

     A year and a half ago, former Playboy editor Barry Golson published a piece in
     AARP, the Magazine, about the phenomenon of boomers retiring to Mexico, which
     resulted in a deal with Scribner for the forthcoming Gringos in Paradise. The
     book, about Golson's adventures trying to build his dream house in a hamlet north 
     of Puerto Vallarta, will be published next fall. Now Lisa Drew and Susan Moldow 
     have signed Golson (with his wife, Thia, a former editor of the Boomer Report) 
     for another book entitled Retirement Without Borders, which will consider the 
     attractions of all kinds of overseas locales as exotic, safe and economic alter-
     natives to Florida and Sun City. The deal for North American rights was brokered 
     by Ellen Geiger at the Frances Goldin Literary Agency. Golson, meanwhile, has 
     postponed his retirement to start an online travel Web site.

In Hunter's Kitchen

     This isn't the first deal related to Hunter S. Thompson since his suicide in
     February, but it is the first book that promises to bring readers right into
     Thompson's living room—or kitchen, as it were. Woody Creek, Colo., sheriff Bob
     Braudis and local artist Michael Cleverly ['70], two close Thompson buddies 
     who logged many hours in the kitchen of Owl Farm, will reveal several decades' 
     worth of up-close-and-personal anecdotes in The Kitchen Readings—Hunter Thompson 
     in Woody Creek.   Harper Entertainment/William Morrow editor Josh Behar acquired 
     world rights from agent Paul Bresnick; the book is slated for publication in early 

Behrendt on Dating

     Now that he's clued readers in to deadbeat boyfriends and doomed relationships
     in the bestselling books He's Just Not That Into You (with Liz Tuccillo) and
     It's Called a Break-up Because It's Broken, Greg Behrendt will turn his
     attention to more encouraging aspects of the male-female minefield in a new, 
     yet untitled book. The third book in this franchise, co-written with his wife, 
     Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, zeroes in on the art of dating. Broadway's Ann Campbell 
     acquired North American rights from Andrea Barzvi at ICM in a seven-figure deal.

The Egegik Diaries

     Many readers may associate author and filmmaker Bill Carter primarily with the
     Balkans; his documentary Miss Sarajevo and the subsequent memoir Fools Rush In
     helped bring attention to the war-torn region. But Carter has recently spent
     more than three years working as a commercial fisherman in Egegik, on the 
     Alaskan peninsula. He will describe the beauty and danger of the experience 
     in Red Summer, which Scribner's Colin Harrison acquired from Betsy Lerner at 
     Dunow Carlson Lerner.   The deal was for North American rights; publication 
     is tentatively set for fall 2007.

Virgin's Kama Sutra

     Following on the recent news that Virgin Books will launch in the U.S. market
     through an arrangement with Holtzbrinck, KT Forster, managing director of
     Virgin, has acquired world English rights to Deepak Chopra's Kama Sutra in a
     major six-figure deal from Robert Gottlieb and Eileen Cope at Trident. The 
     internationally bestselling Chopra reinterprets Vasyayana's historic text; 
     it will be published in the U.K. in May and in the U.S. in June 2006.

Debut to Atria

     Atria's Greer Hendricks has acquired world rights to Chandra Prasad's first
     novel, titled One of the Boys, from agent Rosalie Siegel. Set during the
     Depression, the novel tells the story of Adele, whose impoverished family pin
     all of their hopes on her brother, and who takes his place at Yale, in disguise, 
     when he is killed in a mining accident. Prasad is a Yale grad and the editor of 
     Norton's Mixed: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience.



Submitted 16 November 2005 , at 14:19:15

Sheri (Feinstein) Clark
Years: 78-79

Hope all is well for everyone -- I will always have very fond memories of Windham College, even though I was only there a short, short time.

I hope to visit Putney and the old campus the next time I am on the East Coast.....I may even retire one day to the land of the green in Putney, Vermont


Submitted 8 November 2005 , at 15:56:38

Matthew J. O'Donnell
Years: 57-59

married, but now single. three wonderful children and 11 terrific grandchildren.

have been retired for 2 years but do some part-time consultant work.  have done lots of traveling, kayak/canoeing, biking, skiing, and hiking.  working part-time for my church.

loving life to the fullest!!  pray alot for peace and harmony!

would very much like to attend a reunion and be in touch with the college and former students.

many wonderful fond memories of Putney, Brattleboro, the river, Mt.Snow, etc., etc.,

love and prayers to all!!


Submitted 6 November 2005, at 19:24:47

Diane M. Orelup
Years: 71-75

Hey folks-

Thanks for the work you put in to keep the Windham site updated.

Speaking of updating, here's my new email address below --- would appreciate you changing this in the alumni directory.

Regards to all!


Submitted 29 October 2005 , at 14:30:26

Jan (Aronson) Wertheim
Years:  74-78

Married for 22 years, two kids, ages 17 &20.

Working as a librarian and living in Kennebunk, Maine.

I was thrilled to find this website, brings back great memories!


Submitted 10 October 2005, at 14:07:24

Richard Lutman
Years: 1963-67

I have retired to Underhill, VT after living in Rhode Island for 25 years.  I should have done it sooner.  My father was born and raised in Burlington (VT) and went to Med school at UVM where my grandparents taught for over 30 years.  Spent many summers in Burlington.  Almost like coming home.

I am on the board of Green Across the Pacific, a Vermont based high school exchange program for students in Vermont and Guangzhou, China.  The program is in its tenth year.  

This past summer I hosted three Chinese students and worked in the field teaching all the Chinese and American students in the program about butterflies and moths.  I plan on returning to HongKong and Guangzhou in 2006.


Submitted 26 September 2005 at 09:40:30

Perry Kacik
Years: 67-69

Hi Folks!

I retired from NEA in March 2005 (but I'm only 57!) and now am doing part-time consulting work.

Here's my website:




Submitted 29 April 2005, at 09:28:05

Bob Konkel
Years: 76-78

I am a clinical social worker in private practice in New Bedford, MA.  I specialize in therapy with family and early adolescence.

I sail and race catamatans in the Sumnmer, snowboard in the Winter.

Windham College was a profound experience that shaped my life.  I wish it could have lasted forever.  But as Neil Young once said to Stephen Stills in a telegram, "Things that start off spontaneously, usually end that way.  Eat a peach." e-mail:

Submitted 4 February 2005, at 13:16:08

Lois (Lis) Erskine
Years: 64-68

Hi Classmates,

Since windham I have studied art in Paris; married and moved to Venezuela where I taught lithography at the Central University of Caracas; had two children, a boy (now an architect in L.A.) and a girl (now an Interior Designer in Victoria, B.C.); moved back to the USA to Amherst, MA, where my ex-husband was/is a UMass professor of Linguistics; went back to university to get a masters in Computer Science; left my husband, got a job doing computer graphics at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy in the Publications Division; met and married my Roman husband Roberto, a radiologist at San Camillo Hospital.

We live and work in Rome and have a vacation home and boat on the Island of Ischia.

When not doing computer related things I sculpt and cast in bronze and I paint - sometimes write poetry.

We have a Siamese cat my daughter named "Baby".  Life is good.

For recent photos I have a site at and a site I have just created for my son's upcoming wedding in Ischia at (this site will later revert back to being my professional site).

I would love to hear from any former friends or classmates.  Anyone know where 'Charlie' Winston is or Roger Rhodewald or Jeff Hersh?

Bacione, Lis

Please visit my family photo web site at:


Submitted 2 February 2005

Nathaniel Hendricks
Years: 55-60

Greetings!  I still live in Putney but am often in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn New York where I am working on restoring a 150-year-old building.

Would love to hear from all Windham students. My address in Putney is:   Nat Hendricks, P.O. Box 738, Putney, VT 05346.   My office phone is 718-834-1010.

Best wishes to all.


Submitted 6 June 2004, at 22:47:04

Michael Tillyer
Years: 71-75

I founded a gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts called Anchor House of Artists. see

My own work goes on. See:



Submitted 26 October 2003 , at 12:23:52

Keith Schwenn
Years: 73-76

I came across the Windham site yesterday. I attended Windham from 73 to 76. I spent the last year in an off campus course in NY city and graduated in Jan 76. I might be remembered as one of the security guards as I worked in that capacity while I was on campus. Please post my e mail address on the website.


Submitted 27 August 2003 , at 15:44:17

Nick Brown
Years: 74-76, 77-78

Hi there,

I just stumbled on this site.  The memories that are rushing back are amazing.

I'm now a software engineer (Java architect) living in Bethesda, MD with my spouse, Teresa, and two teenage daughters.

I'd like to get in touch with some of the folks that were around between 74 and 78 (when I escaped to Hampshire College).

e-mail:  nbrown@hislcom

Submitted 26 August 2003 , at 22:23:34

Thomas A. Kernan
Years: 66-67

I live in the little village of East Nassau, NY in rural Rensselaer County on the banks of the Kinderhook Creek about twenty five miles east of Albany in the Taconic Foothills.  After all these years I still look back fondly on my time at Windham and the friends I made.  Some years later I returned to college and got my Master's in Health Admin. from Russell Sage.

I attended Windham in 1966 and 1967 after having spent my first two college years at the Junior College of Albany division of Sage.  At that time I could not get a four-year degree from Sage which only awarded four-year degrees to women.

Today I am semi-retired but am considering returning to work full time due to the poor economy.  Remember when the Jelly Mill was nearby and the fun we had with some of the bonfires and the "Ripple bottles" in the snow banks!   All that fun and yes,we got a decent education too!


Submitted 8 August 2003, at 07:11:54

Betsey Roach
Years: 73-76


Steve Russo and I really want to get something going here, we originally thought we'd do something in the NYC area but some seem to think Putney is the place to go.   Looking for help in getting off the ground.  Need input stuff like: when, where, etc.

Anyone who helped get the 2000 reunion organized, how do we get this going?

Lots of us never knew about that one and we're feeling left out! ...

Thanks all!


Submitted 4 August 2003, at 14:24:38

Joseph Roach
Years: 75-76

I am teaching at a small democratic school in Delaware.

I have three kids (the oldest is 21!!).

Best regards, Joe Roach


Submitted 24 July 2003, at 15:56:06

Anthony Powell
Years: 70-72

I remember my time at Windham fondly.  Wish I took it more seriously.

I've worked as a consultant after spending 8 years in the Navy.  Should have stayed in.

Living life to the fullest which means I can't retire until 2030.

Married in '76 and so far no children.  I guess that's why I haven't grown up.  Living in Richmond, VA after living in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan , Alabama.


Submitted 18 June 2003 , at 17:32:22

Steve Pickens
Years: 67-71

Greetings to Windham Alums and Faculty

I have lived in Northern Calif since 1975 having been transferred by my then (a bank) employer to SF. Got married to a lovely lady from upstate NY - Vicki - in 1983. Since 1991 I have been llving in Mill Valley, CA (Marin County) north of GG Bridge. Daughter Lauren is 14 and going to HS in nearby Larkspur.

Still have my Windham yearbooks and Econ Ass'n pamphlets. I do stay in touch with some alumn - Curtis King, '68 in Tolland, CT and Bill Vincent, '71 in Stratford, CT and Greg Brown, '71 in Stemiersville, PA. One of these days we as a family may get back to VT - possibly for one of the upcoming reunions?

Most of my relatives are still in CT, RI, NY and LI. During 1993-1998, managed portfolio of environmental equipment leases, which brought me back to NYC, Boston, Phila and New Orleans almost on an every other week basis to deal with customer defaults. Have worked for Mellon Bank most recently in syndications and now work for a venture backed equipment lessor. Also doing work outs, structures and liquidations.

In any event, we do miss the four seasons and hope to get back on a more regular basis.

Best Regards to all
   Steve Pickens


Submitted 12 JUNE 2003 , at 07:27:26

Peter Finch
Years: 69-73

Two daughters, nurse in VT & stude @UCONN.

I worked AMTRAK for 25 yrs - whacked & now in Weehawken, NJ.

Still hikin, bikin & skiin.


Submitted 8 June 2003 , at 09:53:10

Britt Newhouse
Years: 70-72


I am trying to find Carol Emerson, my Russian Studies professor.   Anyone know how to reach her?

I have been married to Diane Maccari for the last 26 years and we have two kids.

I worked in NY WTC Tower Two for 16 years and was there on the 52nd floor 9/11 when the second plane hit


Submitted 7 June 2003 , at 17:09:39

Sarah (Scripture) McDade
Years: 68-71

Hello Windham Alum,

For the past 31 years I have been living in metropolitan Wasington, DC.   In 1988 I married my wonderful husband, Joe McDade, who was then a Congressman (R-PA).   Between '88 and early '99 we commuted between our house in NE PA and Virginia.

Our son Jared was born in 1989.  Joe retired in '99 and we have been remodeling our Fairfax, VA residence.

I found out that Paul Wexler, '69, lives a few blocks from me and our sons were in the same Boy Scout troop!  Judy McKinnon Davis, '71, in Houston and I stay in touch.   In the small world department, Judy and I, former roommates, unwittingly have the same wedding anniversary and only-children boys about the same age, who were little late in life gifts!

    Sarah (Sally to most) Scripture McDade.


Submitted 2 June 2003 , at 20:24:33

David Hughes
Years:  73-74

Have had an interesting few years, just revisited the website, and find it improving.

Life has been good, now if I can afford my oldest son's final year in grad school, and 2 going off to college...

Still looking for Canann-ites, those of us who transferred, and enjoyed Windham, and stayed or graduated.   Looking for Ed Stroud, Steve Koji, Christine Pfoh, Bill Gaul, John Irving, Mohammed Mahgroory, and a lot of the kitchen crew: Jim Rice and Lachlan MacL. who can't run very well with a paperbag over his head.

If you know any of the above have them contact me.  thanks, and peace.


Submitted 23 May 2003 , at 13:40:16

Mark E. Block
Years: 68-70

Yah, I did, in fact, marry Marjorie Stanford this past Christmas Eve... and am very happily wed, here in Nashville, Tennessee... I would like also to vote for Burt Cohen, but he isn't running for office against Sen. Frist...


Submitted 15 April 2003 , at 16:26:01

Laurie Sukel
Years:  73-75

Greetings from sunny Miami where I've been living since 1979.  After working for the airlines and cruiselines for several years, I got a teaching certificate and have been passing along the fine points of Civics, Geography and U.S. History to gifted kids in middle school since 1987.

I have great memories of my 2 years at Windham --- It was all good --- and I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me from Hendricks or the music department.


Submitted 14 April 2003 , at 17:26:21

David Eggers
Years: 72-74

Married two weeks after graduation and divorced 13 years later.   Two girls, Alison 26 and Caitlin 23.  Presently living in Waccabuc, NY with Linda, my wonderful wife of 5 years.

I own small design-build firm (designing kitchens instead of theatre scenery).   Love to sing with my wife and play golf without her.

My best to all who may know me and to those who don't, my best to you too!


Submitted 13 April 2003 , at 12:29:06

Deborah Toomey
Years: 68-72

I'm currently living and working in Trenton, New Jersey and am the director of the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped.

It may sound odd coming from a native Vermonter, but I have grown to really enjoy New Jersey.  I like the ethnic diversity here, the friendliness of the people and the tremendous sense of humor.  How else could one deal with so many people in such close proximity?

Many alums must live and work here in Jersey.  Is anyone interested in working with me to put together a reunion here for the New Jersey-New York area?  We could include the Philadelphia area, too, if we meet in a central location.

I'd enjoy hearing from anyhone who might remember me.


Submitted 3 aPRIL 2003 , at 23:32:54

Barbara Hirsch
Years: 70-73

After decades involved in standardbred horse-racing industry in Surrey, B.C., Canada, I'm now working as a vet. asst. in Bellingham, WA.


Submitted 26 March 2003 , at 20:11:45

Burt Cohen
Years: 69-72

Now in my seventh term in the NH Senate, I have begun to run for U.S. Senate in 2004,  maintaining (matured) values from our idealistic college years.

Living in New Castle, near Portsmouth.  Two daughters, aged 6 and 2, can you believe it?

Any Windham people still have faith we can do better than the Bush agenda?   Contact me, thanks!


Submitted 21 March 2003 , at 14:20:52

Rosemary (Castro) Gallegos
Years: 71-73

Hi...did not graduate from Windham.   After some travels ended up in New Mexico, fell in love, never left...Been married to same man for 27 years, one daughter 14 years old and a son 12.   Teach at a private Catholic school and I am a costume designer for theatres and schools...

Life has been good...Does anyone know where all of the India trip people are?????   How about Grant Simmons, Lisa Goodale, Deddie Thompson...

I visited with Debie Robuccio last summer in Boston...she is good...if you want to get in touch you know how...later...


Submitted 12 March 2003 , at 21:11:47

Matt Shulman
Years:  68-70

By luck, I have just stumbled upon this site tonight and would be very pleased to reconnect with Windhammites.  It was more than a place to hang out and get a buzz (though that wasn't shabby either).

My memories of actually having the chance to interact on a personal basis with faculty like Ron and Joan Emma, Joe Greenhoe, Jon Throne, Art Westing, Dr. Winslow and many, many more have never been matched.   My thanks to them and to you who shared Windham with me.

Hard to believe that it's been 33 years since we graduated with "War Is No Route To Peace" silk-screened on the backs of so many paper graduation gowns ...and here we are with a President who genuinely believes (poor soul) that war will bring peace.  Amazing ...

If you remember me (and my names doesn't send you scurrying below the nearest desk), I'd enjoy learning how our eclectic education affected us all.  For all the chaos of that time, there was a nurturing experience, for me anyway.

Thanks.  Hope to hear from you.


Submitted 12 March 2003 , at 17:39:08

Benjamin Twombly
Years: 73-78

I'm just wondering what has happened to my old friends, lovers and everyone else.


Submitted 8 March 2003 , at 02:26:24

Bobby Hirsch
Years:  70-72

Currently pursuing a career change @ Bellingham Technical College, in northwest WA state as a Veterinary Technician, after more than 20 years in the Standardbred horse-racing business, mainly in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.


Submitted 6 March 2003 , at 20:45:26

Linda Filippi
Years:  69

In 1992, my daughter Marianna Lily was born.  Yes, better late than never.  She is the joy of joys for both her dad, James, and me.

We had a mail order biz for 12 years---what a whirlwind.  I bought and restored the Elizabeth Simonds old place on West Road in Westminster West, sold it after 8 years (the tears have finally dried---I loved that old place), moved to the Vineyard for 5 years, and now, halfway through building a great little house on 50 acres in the Tunbridge highlands.  Home is Vermont.

I'm thinking about another biz...James continues to work on screenplays and children's books and sailing his Albin Vega around the Vineyard Sound in the summer.

Windham doesn't seem so long ago, especially as I have spent the winter of 2003 at Chuck's where I lived from '70-'82, while my house construction moves towards completion.

If anyone ever drives up to beautiful Tunbridge, I am at 68 Kibling Hill Rd., way up in the highland pastures!  Please write if you remember me.


Submitted 23 February 2003 , at 16:27:50

Bruce Blasius
Years: 59-63

Hi, would love to hear from anyone in connection with their memories of Windham, Dr. Hendricks, and Robert Frost.

What year did Windham stop functioning and what was the reason for it?

Is Landmark College going to become a four-year school?

When is the next general reunion?

Where are Ev Flagg, Richie Hanifin, Art Rogers, Jeff Roach, Shiela Pew, Donna Hodge, John Hamil, Mike Weller '63?

If anyone wants to send a message, I would be happy to hear from you.   Where are Hoecker and Card?


Submitted 17 February 2003, at 21:35:04

Lisa Grenadier Connor
Years: 68-71

Does anyone have news of Bill Nelligan, Bruce Bramson, Jay Gonzales?


Submitted 6 February 2003, at 21:04:59

Burton J. Cohen
Years: 69-72

Now in my seventh term as NH state senator, I have begun a campaign for U.S. Senate in 2004.  I know there are a lot of Windham alums who share progressive, community values which were new when we were in college, but which have matured and are now working well.

Many Democrats are hugging the mushy middle, not me.  We can not give up on our country, it must not be yielded to the Bushites.  We have better alternatives, which I am prepared to articulate.

If you agree there is a better way, and would like to help advance our agenda, please contact me.


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