Submitted 14 May 2011, at 2:52:49

William George Koster
Years:  Class of '69

From: Tam Koster
Subject: To Bill's friends

Hank ĖAs per our conversation, here is all the information about Billís memorial service and all of our contact information for those who knew and loved Bill as we did. Dan (our 38-year old son Ė time flies!!!) and I would love to hear from these friends anytime so you and they are encouraged to call or email the following:

Daniel Koster 925/330-5106

Tam Koster 925/330-4304

Bill's obituary is on this Windham website in the "In Memoriam" section.

For those with whom I havenít talked, Daniel wrote this obit and attached a photo of a very happy Bill at the last home game of the Giants world series last year before they went to Texas to win the championship. Bill had purchased Giants seasons tickets for last year (and this) to share with Daniel their favorite activity and they had a ball and were continuing to do so this year as well. Bill was returning from a Giants game Sun., May 8th when he had his heart attack and was taken still conscious to the UC Medical Center Ė no pain, just very low blood pressure and dizziness (he fainted on the muni platform when getting off a fan-filled train celebrating that dayís win, which he had happily shared in conversation with Dan earlier). We will miss him terribly!

Dan, who is in the naval reserves, has arranged a color guard military interment and ceremony for Bill to be held on Fri., June 3rd at 11 am at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery 5810 Midway Rd., Dixon, CA 95620 Anyone who can make it is welcome. Bill would have loved to know you were there!

In lieu of flowers, the family is suggesting donations to:
CSERC (Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center)
P.O. Box 396
Twain Harte, CA 95383

This is an organization Bill joined and donated to often, supporting its fight for the local forests and grasslands against the powerful interests of the loggers and ranchers, who get carte blanche to graze their cattle on public lands, polluting the water and trampling the grasslands including endangered species CSERC fights to protect. We know Bill would be most gratified to have contributed in this way to this non-profitís support.

Do feel free to call us. Daniel has been having a very difficult time, which has momentarily been eased by sharing memories with Billís dear friends on the phone.

Love to all,

Tam Koster

e-mail:  [wife] "Tam Koster"     [son] "Daniel Koster"

Submitted 15 May 2011, at 10:03:15

Henry G. Cortes
Years: Class of '70

Sad news, Bill Koster died May 8 in San Francisco. Tammy [his wife] has sent information following. Please share with other Windham friends who knew Bill. Reg, could you post this to the Windham web site?
Bill always had a smile in that red Mustang convertible with WGK plates! A fellow upper East Putney resident.


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Submitted 14 March 2011, at 13:42:10

Tom G. Miller
Years: 68-70, Class of '70

Living back in Vermont, in Rockingham, next to Bellows Falls.

Work as the fundraiser for The Aloha Foundation, running summer camps in Fairlee, VT.

On to my...lost count there for a minute...fourth marriage, and my last.

See Lucille Massina '70 and Chris Lundberg '74 at the gym, and Ian Eddy '72 every other week for dinner, and Victor Pavloff '72 from time to time, when visiting the west coast.

Drive by the Windham entrance fairly often on the way to the Putney Coop, but never, ever go in. The place we knew is, sadly, gone, though not forgotten.


Submitted 13 February 2011, at 13:18:56

Gary J. Pallman
Years: 71-75, Class of '75

Living in Hamden, CT for the last 18 years. I'm a sales rep for a large distributor dealing with the convenience store industry, colleges, independents, and such. The store in the Landmark College student union building happens to be one of our customers.

I'm single, never married, and just taking life day to day.

I have many fond memories of the 4 years spent at Windham, especially the 2 years living on Black Mountain Road in Dummerston.

Would love to hear back from others with those memories, and from lost friends.

Regards and stay well.


Submitted 1 February 2011, at 13:21:31

Helen L. (Baltzer) Felts
Years: 70-74, Class of '74

Helen married Stephen D. Felts June 18, 1983.

They have two daughters, Christina, born July 26, 1985, and Rebekah born January 10, 1988.

Helen and Steve live in Denville, NJ.


Submitted 3 January 2011, at 13:50:50

John Wallace
Years: 68-72

John Wallace is living and working in the Greater Washignton DC area. I hope all is well with the rest of you.


Submitted 2 January 2011, at 20:10:38

James Philip Wood
Years: 67-71;  Class of 1971

residing in San Diego looking for Brad Garnett


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